Counting sales

Nearly the end of 2016 and I was wondering about ‘success’ again. How many self published copies constitute success? My first book sold over 200 copies but none of the others have matched that, although I have increased my use of social media. Now I am selling one a week and have 50 copies left of ‘A Lesson for the Teacher’ I guess they will all be gone in a year. The advice is to promote back copies and as I don’t use ‘Print on Demand’ that seems a great idea. There aren’t many of the others left in the loft and, honestly, I shall be sorry to see them go but each book usually finds more than one reader so it is time to let them fly!

I have been trying to take photos with my phone so the next blog may be more Christmassy. Best Wishes to all, Julie.


Funny few days

A whole weekend with no computer as I couldn’t get onto the internet. It didn’t matter as we had a lot of cards to write and two events to attend.

I still keep forgetting to take anything to photograph activities. I did take a picture of the meal we went to on Saturday but it was such a strange day I won’t post it.

The venue was the Green Man at Ringmer and the food was fine but OH, so much more than I could eat! I managed half the starter, half the main meal ( The vegetables were massive and lots left over)and half the Christmas pudding ( which was delicious) Then they served coffee and mince pies. I drank the very acceptable coffee and took the mince pie home. Now I know why some places serve pensioners’ meals.

Last night was the Woodies Christmas party and I wished I had a camera when the flower people came on. We won the first raffle prize and as I didn’t want a big teddy bear I chose the pickled onions! All the floor singers were great and John Cave was as amusing as ever.

As for writing. I think I am going to have to rethink the play and start all over again.I have a story to post for a competition but no more inspiration. If I can stay away from twitter I might be more creative.

Marketing paperbacks

OK, I give up. I’ll try to stick to writing about writing and books, from now on, with, perhaps, the odd poem.

I’ve used the marketing title because the way we promote paperbacks is not the same as the methods used for ebooks. Our group has been reading about the email lists suggested on line and I suppose the land alternative is a snail mail postal list of people who have bought books. However, when you sell in person, as I do, it seems wrong to ask for an address at the same time. What I have always done wrong is not emphasised that a review would be helpful, but most of my readers do not own computers so where would they put the reviews? The only time I did ask if a reader would like to know about future books was at a launch.That was one out of hundreds!

Postal charges make self published paperbacks quite expensive so we will need to venture out of our local area and find customers elsewhere.

I think I should make my blog more interactive, too. I’ll put on a mystery photo and see if anyone can identify it.Happy Christmas.img_0049

Self publishing mistakes

Had a marketing meeting yesterday and it reminded me of all the mistakes I made when I began self publishing.

We should put our website in our books, but I have an excuse, I have changed my website provider twice and the one in 2007 doesn’t exist any more!The two I have now are and

It is good to put a chapter of your next book in the one you are publishing (but that’s impossible if you haven’t written it!)

Some folk actually ask for reviews in their books. I think this works better in ebooks. It seems a bit cheeky in a paperback.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. We must try to use social media. ( Hard for an oldie like me, but I’m trying.) I still avoid facebook but I am on twitter. Now to try to get more photos on!

Blogging is useful but I still have more folk from USA.Never mind, quality over quantity every time!

Writing a play

Well, I’ve started – but, so far, am just trying to get the words and stage directions down. I know I have to set it out differently and I promise I’ll do that eventually, but I want to see if it works and how long it takes before I put it into the right format.

How long should a scene be? So far they are very short and I find I am leaving out whole chunks of the book because they are set somewhere impossible ( Like a cricket pitch)

I know some plays use back projection but I am trying to limit my sets to the possible.It’s a lovely challenge and really making me think.We get so used to television it is great to have to consider props and doors etc. Also, when the characters are in places where there would be a crowd of people do I write in a couple of non speakers or indicate as much by sound?

No time for twitter. This is more fun.

New project

My son suggested I turn “A Lesson for the Teacher” into a play. I have never written a play but it would be an interesting experiment. I already know what the characters are like but when I began to imagine the sets I found I would have to cut out a great deal of the story. It would be easy as a film but much harder as a stage play. Still, I’m not writing anything else at present so I’ll have a go.

Act 1. Scene 1.( Front of curtain) ¬†Two girls. one combing her hair, the other jigging about to pop music.Girl 3 runs in……

( Going away to write dialogue)