How’s this for an idea? Instead of trying to write a serious play I am going to attempt a Pantomime. I know who would like to perform it so I found one that she could star in.

Now to localise the plot and make the characters more exaggerated. The script is partly done as it has been a film but I am working from the book and it is very different.

My short story for the competition is ready for posting. I don’t think I’ll look for a course. I’ll just look on line for suggestions that very helpful folk are sending me. Life is looking up at last!



Just cut down my short story from 3500 words to 2450 for a competition. That was a good exercise.

I was considering trying to go back into education as a student until I found out how much it would cost. I really need a sense of direction if I am to keep writing through the summer.I doubt if I would have the time or the stamina for a degree and I’m frightened to pay for stuff I already know.I’ll keep researching on line courses and perhaps I’ll find one by September.Meanwhile the Sea Scribes and Worthy Words will keep me on track.

New Speculative Fiction

All competition entries posted and I’m now back on short stories. I enjoyed reading ‘The Ship’ so much that it gave me an idea for a tale about Britain in the future.

There’s so much change in the air at the moment that it is difficult to see where the world will be in a few years’ time. So many people are frightened they have no power over what happens in the future. Democracy does not seem to provide what they want but what is the alternative? We can no longer live as separate tribes. Technology has made us all citizens of the world and we cannot avoid what is going on in other countries. If everyone wanted peace it would be easy but there are forces of destruction who do not care whether they live or die and they can only be defeated by reason and hope. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of either to go round.

Favourite words.

Now it has been rewritten I am about to post off my play. I had to get rid of some characters as well as a whole set but it still has the bones of the story.

Thanks to all those who have recently reviewed the book. I have an idea for a short story so I still have writing to do. I am reading a dystopian novel and it got me thinking. That’s such a lovely word. Someone asked about favourite words on line and I said mine was ‘yes’ but if you are judging by sound, not meaning then ‘daffodil’ or ‘umbilical’ come to mind. It all depends which combination of vowels and consonants feel right.

‘vowel’ is an ugly sounding word but ‘consonant’ seems calming. The ‘v’ is hard  and the ‘ow’ sound is painful but the ‘s’ and ‘n’ sounds are soft.

Musing because I have been reading out loud. It was the only way to time the play. Now it is done I can try to get fitter ! Ha!

Play rewrite

For those following my efforts at writing a play I have just completely rewritten it, adding scenes to explain what I cannot show as I have taken out the second set and  all action now happens in the same flat or in the front of the curtain ( or in some woods – either screened or potted!)

Pity I had to get rid of a violent scene but maybe that’s for the best. We don’t really want to see people beaten up on stage, do we? I still have the water throwing. I can’t think of anything to take its place. That should be fun to try and stage!

Anyway, I think it’s ready for the competition. Then I’ll have to look for something else to write. I had two King books that the library got for me and I’ve read them both. Funny, though, I must have had one in my subconscious because it was set in an amusement park just like much of A Lesson for the Teacher.

The Play’s the Thing!

Great advice from the expert I asked about the play. I did expect one difficulty and will need to rewrite substantially if I am to overcome it. That is the two sets.

The great issue is timing. Should I change tea to coffee because it is quicker to make or add more dialogue?

Can I get the same amount of excitement by telling about an attack rather than showing it? If not, can I move it?

Can I change the story completely so that it all takes place with the same set or should I abandon the idea of a performance and leave it to be read?

I take the point about the dialogue. I usually do change I will to I’ll. That’s just poor proof reading on my part.

I’ll do a rewrite and try again. I don’t think it would work on radio as it depends on being able to see where people are. I’ll be sorry to lose one set but I’ll try.