Folk on the Downs

Taking note of advice from Hugh I’m using one of my twitter names for this post.

On Sunday we had a spotlight at Woodies folk club with Peter and Geoff and I remembered to take my smartphone so I thought I’d treat you to a picture.

Wonderful review of “A Bend in the Lane” on Goodreads today made me happy.

Jazz tonight so maybe I’ll get another photo.geoff and peter


Writing in a hurry.

I’m really hard on people who make mistakes in posts on twitter and wordpress and then I go and do the same thing myself. There’s something about writing on a computer rather than on paper that leads to the most stupid errors, especially if one is writing in a hurry, responding in a temper, or just feeling hot and lazy.

Proof reading seems essential when one is producing a manuscript but unnecessary when one is posting on line. We think we have written what we meant to say but the odd typo crops up and we miss it, if we don’t check before we press send.

Sometimes we get the opportunity to edit what we have sent, but not always and sometimes we rely on the computer spellcheck and miss a homophone.

‘Grate and great, week and weak, their and there’ can catch anybody out and I need to leave the schoolteacher in me behind and be a bit more sympathetic. Sorry, folks.bookwormclipart

Flying a kite

Great weekend when we saw most of the family and went down to the beach to fly kites.

Grandson and granddaughter had fun with a stunt kite, with two strings, much more exciting than the one with a single line.

Sorry I don’t have any writing news and I’m down to selling one book a week. That seems to happen after the first flurry of interest. Maybe there will be another burst of interest near Christmas!IMG-20180728-WA0000-1

A Phone that isn’t a phone

I’m getting annoyed with my new galaxy phone. It makes a great camera but as a phone it is useless. I can’t hear people I ring and they can’t hear me.

I have tried increasing the volume but it is full on. I’m not going round with earphones on all the time. I’ve looked up answers but nothing seems permanent. Good job I still have my old Nokia. What is the point of a phone if you can’t hear what people are saying? I was going to switch but not any more!

What a Day!

adult artist cowboy daytime
Photo by Brett Sayles on

Broadwater had a Carnival Day yesterday , combined with the fire Station Open Day. There were stalls, a fancy dress competition, demonstrations by belly dancers, kung fu children and adults, music and lots of delicious food and drink on offer.

Th weather was hot and most stalls had gazebos but Elaine and I had a little table with our books displayed and an umbrella to act as a parasol in the sunshine. We had selected the books with a Worthing theme but we were on the less obvious part of the field, backing on to what would have been the dog show arena if it hadn’t been too hot to hold it.

We did take it in turns to walk round and see the charity stalls, have a go on the tombolas, admire the craft stalls and chat the to the scouts and cadets.

It was helpful to be next door to the ‘Inside Tarring’ stall where other writers congregated, especially as the editor had given me a superb write-up in July’s issue.However, folk who came up and said ‘ We saw you in the magazine’ did not seem eager to discover more about my books and Elaine had a customer before I did.

Did I put them off with my funny hat? I tried to fit in with the ‘Circus’ theme of the day but I took off the red coat as it was too hot. I can’t get my picture to come up so I’ve put on one of a country singer as the one disappointment was that the folk group booked to play couldn’t compete with the disco music and went home early.

By the end of the day we both felt it had been worthwhile but exhausting and I spent most of the evening asleep!

Musical tea party

peter ridge concert

Worthing Friendship Centre members had a lovely summer tea with musical accompaniment by Peter Ridge, who played all the old standards so that we could sing along. The English Martyrs Barn in Goring is a perfect venue for such events and we are moving there permanently in September.

The church is noted for its recreation of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.