Finding a noise

Wow! Panto almost ready for recording. Only one missing sound and three of us are working hard to find it. I had fun looking at all the sounds one can find on line. A completely new experience for me and I hope I don’t forget how to do it.

Then the final module of my radio drama course came with so much information I had to print it off. It may be useful soon as I am helping in a workshop next week and promised to tell everyone how I found it.

Writing Magazine sent a Christmas parcel which looks exciting. Somehow I have to get energised to be more creative. If I get started on a musical event for 2018 I may feel I am doing something worthwhile. Meanwhile I have ordered the new bookmarks and the poetry anthology is still selling well.

Perhaps I’ll try to take more pictures next year.



More destruction

Not really, only gardening! Hubby and I have reduced the privet bush by a third. That’s my exercise for today.

As I’m not writing I’m going to continue throwing away unwanted paper. This is Spring cleaning in Autumn!

My Drama writing course is nearly complete and I have written a short play and await my tutor’s comments. Thrashing around for something to write I began a poem about Halloween.

“All Hallows Night the Spirits roam, returning to their earthly home.

The creaking door, the echoing floor, the signs that they’ve been here before.

Now shiver as the air grows chill, their silent presence haunts us still

We dress as witches, unaware that ghostly forms around us care

That in our fun we mock their plight, to be unloved on this one night.

We cannot hear their cries of pain, their sorrow that they must remain

For ever searching for the peace that means their souls get their release

And from their earthly prison fly- while we enjoy our pumpkin pie!!


Only of paper! I began to realise that hoarding every piece of information I had ever collected would be a real problem if ever I left this earth.

Then, when I asked hubby what he would do with all my stories and papers if I died he said “Throw the lot out” it became clear that I would have to differentiate between the stuff I wanted people to read and the notes, letters, bills, invoices and committee papers that I had kept just because they mattered at the time. Would I ever read them again? No.

So the talk I gave to teachers about understanding dyslexia and the addresses of charities that the Foresters had given money to and the conference papers that I hoarded for years will have to go. I reckon it will take months to do it but I’m starting – and I’ll let you know if and when I succeed.

Preparing for a talk

I have just spent the morning searching through CDs to find examples of the talking newspaper that I can include in my next talk.

I usually tell people about my life and the books I have written but this time the title is “From Manuscript to Microphone” and I am going to talk about how recording my first novel led to being a reader for the Voice of Progress and the recordings I have done over the last six years, culminating, of course, in this December’s pantomime.

The first part of each recording is a round up of local news, taken from newspapers in the area and the second part is a magazine, compiled by one of the readers which can include an interview, travel experiences, history or music. I often read a poem or two.

I only have one booking for 2018 but as I am no longer willing to drive in the dark perhaps that’s a good thing!

Happy days!

I have now heard the panto as my friend sent it on dropbox. Not much needs changing and it should be out in early December . Once it is on line anyone will be able to hear it.

As for the radio play. I have now reached week four and am half way through the first scene. I think I’ll have to get round the lack of internal thought by having a character write a letter and read it to herself out loud. We’ll see.

My tutor seems fascinated by the differences between characters so I’ll have to think more about their ages and personalities. Should be planning my talk on reading for radio or writing a ghost story but can’t think of an original angle.

Let me see!

Now a problem. I have been sent a webmail file that my computer won’t open. This security business gets worse.It has a time limit on it, too so I’ll have to warn the sender that I can’t read it.

As it was the first example of the panto recording and I am the producer I need to hear it

Meanwhile, here’s another holiday photo. I can’t tell you about my writing because I haven’t done any but we did display some copies of books and they sold well.IMG_0377


Away for the weekend in a hotel in Bournemouth which was far too hot but the food was excellent – I suppose you can’t expect perfection.

Our only trip out was to the Russell-Cotes Museum which was great for anyone who shared the Victorians’ love of foreign souvenirs and British art but not really the kind of place my husband enjoys. I liked seeing the extravagant way they had decorated the inside of the house, especially the ‘Moorish’ room and the fancy wallpaper in the study but couldn’t think why artists of the period were so fond of large pictures of sheep or cows. I only photographed the exterior.