Arranging a launch

To continue about marketing. I did go to the little café round the corner and fix a date for the launch of our poetry anthology  “Coconut Ice.” What with trying to find musicians and a venue for our next charity gig and writing a piece for the special ” Food for Thought” tea on Wednesday afternoon it has been quite a busy few days.

Now to design some posters to advertise the events. I also have to remember to put the adverts in the local paper for our Friendship Centre meetings. Unfortunately they now happen on the same afternoons as our writing group meetings and one of my exercise classes. I am trying to alternate them but it doesn’t work with three! Luckily one is weekly, one is fortnightly and one is monthly.

It’s such a pity the monthly meals with jazz have ended because that pub is closing but we still listen to them at the Leisure Centre. It isn’t quite the same. A few years ago it was the highlight of our month – but that was before the place changed hands and the food went ‘trendy’ and expensive. No wonder they lost customers.

Never mind, the band have offered to play at the Sea scribes’ next gig so we will still hear them twice in one month!



Music for Charity

Greg Harper arranged another of his charity music evenings on Saturday, for Compassion in World Farming. He was performing with Sarah Stirling, Chris Denham and Nigel Ratcliffe. What a great line up! Chris was on bass guitar and Nigel was his usual enthusiastic self on piano and vocals. Greg had some new songs and the contrast with Sarah’s sweet tones made the whole evening a great success. Folk songs really are poetry to music and one added effect was the changing light system that Greg used which reminded me of ‘Pointless’ but was obviously intended to enhance the mood of each song. I took one photo with a blue background but the yellow was probably better!Greg and Sarah

‘mad’ event

Last Saturday hubby and I were invited to a curry night in a local church hall. We didn’t know quite what to expect but as it was for charity and we like curry we went along. The curry was delicious.

We had been told there was music but when the seven piece band went up onto the stage we didn’t know what kind. It turned out to be very like the band ‘Madness’ with two saxophones, a trombone, a guitar, drums and two vocalists, one with another guitar. We learned afterwards that they played ‘Ska.’ They certainly played very well and I loved their name ” Pier Pressure.” I just enjoy a play on words.

The younger folk danced to the music but  it wasn’t the ‘rock and swing’ we were used to dancing to so we just had one smooch. I took a photo that doesn’t really do them justice.

madness photo

The Charity Gig results

I’m hoping I can find a good photo to put with this post. The charity gig for St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing raised £200 and I now have some pictures of some of the musicians and readers but I am going to try to show you the lady who won the lucky ticket prize –  a funny bear clutching a bottle of red wine. Some of my photos won’t come on and I don’t know why. Here goes!

Tunes prizewinner

Charity Event

Well, we had our charity gig last night and about 30 people turned out to hear the Sea Scribes read their stories and poems and the folk singers do their bit. We had a lovely mix of entertainment and a good raffle but I don’t have the official photos yet.

We made £200 for the local hospice, St Barnabas House and people seemed to like the mix. We had books for sale and sold a few anthologies but it isn’t easy to find an event where the public flock to buy your wares.

As this was also the week when I recorded my short story I was exhausted by the end. One event a week is enough for me! I’ll add the picture of a local folk duo who always put on a good show. Jo and Graham.Tunesand tales folk

Recording a magazine

Those of you who follow my blog know I am one of the readers for the Sussex Coast Talking News. Each year we are asked to produce a 35minute magazine with items of interest to the listeners, historical, travel, personal or local.  This December I am planning an interview with someone who will talk on ” Singing for Health,” as this is something I take part in and believe it has undiscovered benefits.

I also have a festive short story to read,based on the activities of a group of elderly ladies who decide to put on a show. It’s too long for our charity event but I might put it into an anthology at a later date. The gig was advertised in the local paper today and may be in again next week but as it comes out on a Thursday and the gig is on a Friday it may get missed. I’ll try to find a picture of a similar event to liven up this post.Woodies Xmas party 2017


Planning a gig 2.

Nothing ever goes right, does it?  Two of us went leafletting the area round the venue for Tunes and Tales this week and the next day I came down with a heavy cold.

Then one of the musicians pulled out and a reader who had said she couldn’t be there said she was coming after all so I’ll have to redo the programme.

Tickets are selling slowly so I’ll have to go out this afternoon when I don’t feel like it and try to badger some more folk into attending. Well, it is for a local charity.

Do I dress as I did last time, the Master of Ceremonies look, ( see photo)or wear a fancy skirt that I bought in Mauritius and can never find a time to use it? It’s covered in colourful jungle and animals but it’s long and frilly. I don’t know.

Some of the readings are Christmassy although it will still be November. It seems to come earlier every year. Maybe I’ll be able to think more clearly when this cold goes away.