New Novel

Hi folks. I guess putting the details of “A Lesson for the Teacher” onto Pages in May wasn’t the best way to advertise it and it isn’t easy to find on Amazon. It is on Goodreads and Waterstones’ website.

For anyone who wants to know it is ISBN 9780955724282.After the launch on Friday it should appear on my


Book promotion

It worked! Putting an advert in a magazine actually led to a reply. Next to find out if putting a request on radio does the same. I really am trying to be imaginative this time, hoping that I find readers outside Sussex. Sales in the hundreds is fine but this book is a challenge and I want to know if people outside my usual circle enjoy it.

I’ve got it on Goodreads and intend to offer it to libraries in the areas where the story is set. Meanwhile I’ll try putting the cover on again, just for fun.A-Lesson-for-the-Teacher-CV-600x900

Happiness is a book on Nielsen

At last I have managed to get the descriptions of all six books onto nielsen title editor. Being a publisher as well as an author puts extra pressure on and, although I love the marketing side, doing promotion is taking up all my time at present and I don’t feel inclined to write.

However, I have dug out an old story that will be perfect for the magazine I have to record next month. The script is coming together slowly and I have two very willing contributors.

Maybe soon I’ll feel like writing again. Meanwhile, hello and thanks to all new followers.


Getting ready for the launch of “A Lesson for the Teacher” on 3rd. June. We have been giving out posters and leaflets and sending invitations by post and on line. Not everyone replies so we don’t have much idea of how many people to expect but having it in a restaurant should encourage folk to attend.All three of us, Angela Petch, Elaine Hankin and me are launching together.Our books are very different so there will be something for everyone.

I can no longer claim my book is locally based so I’m hoping the fact that it is about teachers and set in the 1960’s will bring some new readers.