Social media

How many of you actually believe your horoscopes? I read mine every day and sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn’t. Today it said I was wasting my time doing something and it was exactly what I was thinking about twitter. Every time I change something on my laptop twitter gets me to enrol again and I’m beginning to stop trusting it. Therefore I will stop using it. I did enjoy the political angst, as I used to be in politics, but even that has begun to get predictable. I joined as it seemed a good way to advertise my books but I doubt whether it has resulted in any sales. It could have done, on kindle, but I never get to find out and my wholesaler hasn’t asked for any paperbacks.

I know I should email all the people who bought previous novels but I don’t want to ask them to subscribe to a newsletter as we are advised should be done to build a relationship with our readers. I don’t have enough news as can be seen on my website, http://www.juliecround, Writing a book takes me over a year and the poems have to wait for inspiration. So this will be my only social media for a while. Thanks for reading. Julie.img_0207


Summer Sunday

Three of the Sea Scribes had an enjoyable day at Salvington Windmill on Sunday. It was a craft fair and we were selling our books. I managed to sell two copies and gave out a lot of leaflets about my talks so I hope I get some more bookings for 2020.

The windmill is run by volunteers and actually does mill flour. I was quite pleased with myself as the climb up from the Gallops is very steep and I got to the top without too much effort, mainly by going very slowly. I was helped by the fact that the path had been improved and there is a metal handrail all the way to the top, although it changes sides on the zig zags,

I have no reply from the people I was hoping would be interested in my next book but as I keep thinking of ways to improve it I don’t really care. If it gets much longer it will be long enough for me to publish it as a novella. Meanwhile we are finding poems about ageing for the next folk night at Woodies. It won’t be difficult as we have written so many on the subject! I did have a great photo of the windmill but it won’t come up, even though I’ve tried to crop it.

Blown Away!

I was really looking forward to Broadwater Big Day out and had books to sell and a new game that I had invented so that everyone who had a go won a prize. As last time we were given a stall in the centre of the field backing onto the fenced off cricket pitch and most of the others were all round the outside. It was cloudy but promised to warm up so Elaine and I set out our table and hoped. We were next to a large gazebo which had to move because of the wind but it came back and set up on the other side. Unfortunately by 12o’clock the wind was gusting so badly it blew it over again and it fell on our bookstall. As very few people had ventured in our direction and it was still blowing we gave it up as a bad job and came home – having had one person look at our books but no sales. So many books are just ebooks now that it is difficult to know where to sell actual books, especially as one is competing with stalls selling second hand books for 50p.

Without a gazebo I don’t think we will do an outside event again, and even with one  we would have to take note of the weather! It’s back to promoting on line and in person and to this end I’ll try to update my website in the next few weeks.

‘Coconut Ice’ mmmmm

The book launch of Coconut Ice went down well yesterday, although I was glad we had chosen an intimate venue as the public did not arrive in droves. We sold ten copies, which is reasonable for something as unpopular as a poetry book. ( I usually sell 14 novels at a launch) I supplied some real home made coconut ice for customers to sample, but a few did not like coconut so I brought some home. It’s very naughty, almost all sugar, but I only made small slices!

I didn’t realise how tired all this planning was making me as we have the charity Gig next month and we need posters and tickets and advertising for that soon. Not much time for writing although I have written one short story and may try to do another this month. I’m sleeping through TV programmes in the evenings. It’s a good job I didn’t care ‘who-done-it!’bookwormclipart

News and Views.

Oh, to get back to writing. Real life isn’t much fun at present. I saw the dentist this morning and she said I would need a root filling and crown- only about £800. I have been moving people onto a new email. I’m trying to have one for friends and family and one for business and publicity but there are some people on both.

I think I’m due a holiday. Anyway I did get a prescription for the pain in my tooth and warnings not to eat anything hard until it can be fixed. No more flapjack , then? I need to work on my short story as it might be a tiny bit too long for the summer event. There may be a gap in my posts until after May 7th. Roll on the book launch!

Meanwhile , Sticky has a launch of his own today “Scooterboys, the Lost Tribe” I hope it goes well.

Coconut Ice

With a bit of luck I can get a picture of the poster for Coconut Ice on here. I haven’t got the booklet yet but I’ve seen the proof and am just waiting for the cover to be finished.

We are giving the profits to the Salvation Army and I’ve ordered 200 copies to start with. A friend said ‘You can’t sell poetry,’ but I hope to prove him wrong.

Coco launch poster