No resolutions

New Years Eve tonight and I refuse to make a resolution. Yesterday we had our belated family get together and it worked very well with our daughter in-law feeding ten of us in their newly furbished living room. I cannot get used to the way this generation have the TV on all the time, even if they are not watching it, but I suppose it is like the way we use the wireless.

Having just discovered that someone follows ninety blogs I am concerned that I haven’t yet reached many, but then I would have no time for writing books. The next novel is taking shape and I am actually doing a little research this time. I haven’t decided which form of self publishing I will use. I am quite happy with the other six books so I don’t feel inclined to change. I write the story and hand it over to the designer and printer to produce, with input from me on the cover pictures, which we find on line. I am up to 5000 words and suppose, if I was pushed, I’d say finishing this would be a resolution but it doesn’t have to happen in 2018.

Booking a summer holiday for the two of us, with the dog, in a Cotswold cottage, has given me something else to look forward to. It might be self-catering but we usually end up having plenty of meals out . If I disappear for a while it means I’m creating elsewhere. Happy New Year.


Let me see!

Now a problem. I have been sent a webmail file that my computer won’t open. This security business gets worse.It has a time limit on it, too so I’ll have to warn the sender that I can’t read it.

As it was the first example of the panto recording and I am the producer I need to hear it

Meanwhile, here’s another holiday photo. I can’t tell you about my writing because I haven’t done any but we did display some copies of books and they sold well.IMG_0377


Away for the weekend in a hotel in Bournemouth which was far too hot but the food was excellent – I suppose you can’t expect perfection.

Our only trip out was to the Russell-Cotes Museum which was great for anyone who shared the Victorians’ love of foreign souvenirs and British art but not really the kind of place my husband enjoys. I liked seeing the extravagant way they had decorated the inside of the house, especially the ‘Moorish’ room and the fancy wallpaper in the study but couldn’t think why artists of the period were so fond of large pictures of sheep or cows. I only photographed the exterior.



The Lady in Pink

Last picture from Sciathos. Hubby and I took the bus into the town and walked through the streets down to the harbour. Luckily the rep. had told us about the museum and the open air theatre on the wooded peninsular. What we hadn’t reckoned with was the terrific cafe where the waitress introduced us to freshly made lemonade and the music that was playing was standard American Songbook. We could have stayed there all day.

The funniest time was on the way when we took a little path and a man with an Irish accent commented that I looked good – ” A lovely Lady in Pink.” I haven’t had such a nice compliment in years, if ever! Hubby said he must have been drinking!

IMG_0366 (2)

The ‘Sunset’ cruise.

The one trip we booked was a sunset cruise to the Greek mainland with a musical evening and meal in a taverna. However, I left photographing the sunset until the sun had gone down and it wasn’t really as spectacular as hoped.

The music and dancing were good and our company, from Yorkshire, made it an amusing and friendly evening. The food and wine were a change from the hotel, where we had been drinking the local beer with our meals.

The sea was really calm and the only downside was the music on the boat on the return journey. It was either ‘mama mia’ at full blast or some other disco music that ruined the night time atmosphere.


Summer Sentinels

All there was between the hotel and the sea.The story for today is what happened on the beach. We sat under a parasol on two loungers.While hubby went into the sea with his snorkelling gear I read a novel. The lady on the next lounger said ” I liked the cover of your book.” As I had brought a copy of “Never Run Away” and put it in the hotel library I replied ” Thank you – that’s one of six. I hope you enjoy the story. I did wonder if anyone was going to pick it up.”

“No, I meant the book you are reading.”

“Oh, I thought you meant the one I wrote.”

“Do you write books?”

So I told her about them and she said she would read the copy in the hotel. I think she’ll like it as she reads ‘women’s books,’ whereas someone who liked detective novels or sci-fi might not be so interested.

When we had conversed for a little longer I turned to find hubby climbing out of the sea, assisted by THREE young women! He’d lost his footing on the sandy ledge and they’d rushed to help. Unforgettable!



Our week in Sciathos was as good as anticipated, gorgeous weather, perfect hotel, right on the beach, delicious food and a chance to snorkel in the sea and swim in the pool. What more could anyone want? I read two novels and did a load of puzzles and we had a night out on the mainland after a ‘sunset’ cruise. I’ll put some more on later and make the photos stretch over a few posts.