You must think I’m dumb. I have just noticed the paperclip on the top menu and supposes it makes a link. Nobody told me. Now to find out how it works. I guess you can link internally or externally. Goodreads already have my blog linked and one of my websites links to Amazon. I have just listened to Hugh about ‘Press this.’ It all makes me feel so ignorant. Someone did ask how to get my books and asked for a link but I didn’t know what to tell them. As soon as the next book is ready for publication I’ll delve further. Meantime, I’m in the zone, so forgive me. I’m writing!


Review. We need to Talk about Kevin.

I haven’t seen the film and I know I have come to this late but it is the first book for a while that I have felt urged to return to when I should be doing something else.

The idea that a mother could feel so estranged from her own child is not so peculiar as I have known that situation, when a mother tells her son “I wish you had never been born” and the effect it has on the child.

However, Kevin has a hatred of ‘other’ from birth and this would make any mother less loving. The conflict between her and her husband, and his self imposed blindness to Kevin’s faults makes one want to wring both their necks, or send them for counselling.

My one problem with the story is that, if she was as intelligent as she seems, why on earth did she have another baby?

Thanks to Lionel Shriver for writing a book that I didn’t want to finish and an ending that seemed as satisfactory as it was horrific.

Hallo Goodreads!

I have just found out why Goodreads couldn’t read my blog. It was the old one. Now members are aboard I can apologise for not being able to send out any more free copies of “A Lesson for the Teacher.” I have put copies in a few more libraries but if more are required please see http://www.juliecround.com.

It has taken me a long time to start to get familiar with Goodreads but I have had such good feedback from folk on there that I look at it every day.I thoroughly enjoy reviewing the books I am reading and have found some new authors,too.

I am writing for competitions at present so cannot put anything on line. Maybe a picture?img_0244

Book review

I usually stick to Goodreads for my reviews but I have just finished reading Oliver Harris’s crime thriller ” Hollow Man” and, apart from the fact that the title has been used by others I found it a great read with a fascinating hero and a plot that unravelled at just the right pace to keep one wanting to know what happened next. I would not normally read this type of book but now want to continue with the series.

As to my writing, that will probably be non fiction this month. I’ll show the panto and poem to the Sea Scribes but I’m quite lacking in imagination – especially as I was told this morning I had a 19% chance of a heart attack. I still refused the statins.


HI there, new readers. I hope you get the chance to scroll through some of my old posts. They may be more fun than the recent ones.

Also, I don’t know which website you came through. They have different email addresses.It would be great to know what aspect of my musings you prefer. I used to get ‘like’ when I wrote a poem so I might do that next. Also, I am reading an interesting futuristic book so I might put my review on here a well as Goodreads.

The Winchester Festival competitions are out now – very tempting but it’s years since I went there – too many steps.I would offer to speak on self publishing but it has changed so much since I started that I am way out of date. I still expect people to buy actual books!  Mind you, it is very encouraging when Amazon say they have put some money into my account even if it is for the ebook.

Now to get started on the Panto. First stop – the characters.


Favourite words.

Now it has been rewritten I am about to post off my play. I had to get rid of some characters as well as a whole set but it still has the bones of the story.

Thanks to all those who have recently reviewed the book. I have an idea for a short story so I still have writing to do. I am reading a dystopian novel and it got me thinking. That’s such a lovely word. Someone asked about favourite words on line and I said mine was ‘yes’ but if you are judging by sound, not meaning then ‘daffodil’ or ‘umbilical’ come to mind. It all depends which combination of vowels and consonants feel right.

‘vowel’ is an ugly sounding word but ‘consonant’ seems calming. The ‘v’ is hard  and the ‘ow’ sound is painful but the ‘s’ and ‘n’ sounds are soft.

Musing because I have been reading out loud. It was the only way to time the play. Now it is done I can try to get fitter ! Ha!


Hi to all new viewers as we end 2016 and thanks for following. The Sea Scribes had their last meeting for this year today and we are determined to be a bigger presence on social media next year.

My new website http://www.juliecround.co.uk has meant more people have found me and I have had fun on twitter, although I still have a lot to learn about that.

Sorry to those who missed out on the free books on Goodreads. I am selling on amazon but there are still second hand copies available, too.I don’t send ebooks myself. I can’t afford to let any more go as this is possibly my last book. The way I do it every book is sold at a loss and I don’t manage the computer very well.

I promise to let you know how the play is coming on but today I decided to scrap what I had written and start all over again. January will be a new venture in more than one way.

The boiler is fixed, Ben has his chair and we are warm and content again.

Season’s Greetings.