The New Course

I finally received the first module of my writing for radio course. It was probably my own fault as I am such a computer virgin. I use the computer as a glorified word-processor and letter writer and ‘never the twain shall meet.’ I still have great problems with attaching photos and find links impossible.

Never mind, I followed instructions and my patient tutor has told me I did get through with my answer. This is so exciting I feel I ought to read some plays instead of burying my head in novels all the time. Maybe I’ll go on line and find one or two.

I spent the afternoon sorting out problems with the pantomime. I had to write an introduction and avoided saying “I wrote this” by just naming the author as if it was someone else! I’ve used a very old story – but, then, aren’t all pantomimes based on fairy tales?



News about the panto and the poetry anthology yesterday. The anthology is with the printer and I should see a draft next week. I had great fun looking at potential borders on the computer but left it to him in the end as I could have been there for hours. He showed me how to drag and drop in windows. I wish I knew more about computers!

Then the technician at the talking newspaper gave me some advice about turning a panto into something for audio. I need to add a lot more that I assumed people would know was happening by putting it into the dialogue. It turned out that not everyone has seen the film ( a very common children’s story that I took from the book) I’ll let you know which one nearer the time. The film was a musical but I’m not having music – just sound effects!

Then, last night we were treated to a splendid evening with the Blue Coconut Orchestra at the Willows Folk Club. Brilliant musicians.We are singing again tonight with the surgery group – must be good for us!

Author blog.

Reading about an author blog on twitter made me wonder if this should be an author blog or remain as a blog by an author. If it is to be an author blog it should contain links to my websites or the ability to purchase books but , at the moment, that is only possible through, which is linked to amazon.

Also, I guess I should be demonstrating my writing style, while I have only been posting poems. My problem is that I don’t seem able to connect with readers in the UK. I know a great many of them do not use the computer but I think, perhaps, I do not use keywords or Google as well as I could.

Until I get more skilled on the computer I’ll continue as I am, mixing musings with advice. Sorry there’s no photo but the country walk we had at Bramber yesterday was a delight. All on the flat and the dog was allowed in the pub afterwards for lunch. In fact he nearly pulled us through the door!

Old Stick

Please bear with me while I try to find a picture that sums up my activities.

I have used an old stick as that is my publishing name but it doesn’t show that I also give talks and do recordings. The only way people can find out more is by going to my website but I haven’t linked that up yet. This summer’s task is to get all my social media connected. Welcome to all new followers. Julie.

The Play’s the Thing!

I gave my pantomime to someone to consider recording and she liked it! Now to cast, direct and produce it. The folk at the Voice of Progress are all used to recording and most have done pantomimes before so it’s just a case of getting us all together at the same time.

I need to find a wicked sounding witch and someone with an unusual voice and comic timing. This must be the most exciting thing I have attempted for some time. It has really cheered me up.

I also need to work out how to do links as I could be changing my website this summer.I’m going to check on Google now and see if I can learn it!