Anniversary treat

Fifty five years wed and we at last ventured out to a restaurant for a meal. We made it lunch instead of dinner and chose somewhere we had never been before.

We used to go to a Ghurka restaurant but it burned down. We often eat Chinese for birthdays and anniversaries but decided to try Greek instead. The place I found was large and almost empty and we realised why after a short while when the nearby roadworks started up! That must have been why they had their music turned up so loud.

Still, another customer told us the food was good as we walked in – so we stayed. We ordered a mysterious collection of chickpeas, humous, rice, salad and fries and it really was delicious. We had ginger beer with it – which came from Northumberland and got up our noses. It made for a fun time.

Then we got stopped in the street and given a token for M and S so we got 20% off some undies for hubby, and he let me choose a new mug in Clintons as he had dropped the one I use for my morning cup of tea. So we ended up with a present each!

We had sandwiches and cake in the evening as he had made a cake and I had iced it. Considering the year we have just had we were very lucky but also exhausted and slept better that night than we have for ages.

I have decided the “Penny Tales” are probably the last books I will self publish as I never sell all the copies I order and I don’t want to do Print-on-Demand. I’ll still write – but short stories and poems. When the Christmas fairs return I’ll try to sell some of the books I have left.

Hopefully I can include a picture of our meal.


Mini Celebration

Well, hubby bought flowers, I had some pretend champagne ready and displayed the Penny books for the launch party of “Penny and the Creeping Weed.”

I didn’t want a fuss as I’m going to put them all together for Christmas but it was an excuse to start planning for our writing group to meet up again.

We may try to have a meeting in August but, if not, we should be up and running ( or scribbling) by September. I always think of September as the start of the year, anyway – having been a schoolteacher.

The little verse was in response to a challenge to find a word to rhyme with ‘world.’ There are quite a few. I understand ‘orange’ is the most difficult word to rhyme with.

I’m having trouble with twitter but it isn’t essential so if it continues I’ll just stop using it. Now to see if my photo will load!

No. it would not. I can’t get photos from my computer to show. I keep getting download problem messages. Yet if I keep trying they sometimes work. I’ll have another go- there. it worked!


On Monday the third Penny book is published but I am hoping to keep them until later in the year and then market them together.

I took a photo but I’m not sure of the quality.

TV vet

Anyone else see the tortoise on “The Yorkshire Vet” last night? They had to cut through the shell to take out three infected eggs! The tortoise survived. I wish it was allowed to have free roaming tortoises nowadays. I think they have to be in a heated container these days, not free to wander round the garden and eat dandelions. We had one when I was a youngster and put it in a box full of hay every winter and left it in the shed to hibernate. I think they are wondersful but they are imported illegally and I don’t know where they end up.

It wouldn’t make up for not having a dog but it would ease the pain a little. We have got so lazy, but it’s not surprising in a heat wave.

At least someone asked if I had any books and when I told her about the ” Penny Tales” ordered one on the spot! Now, if only I culd get the urge to write something new…..

Penny and the Creeping Weed

The third Penny book is in production and I couldn’t wait for publication day to show you the cover. I’ll put it on Twitter when the books are in my hand. I love the way the colours all seem to match on the three books and I am glad I could use the same artist for all the backgrounds.

They really need to be promoted as a trilogy but that will have to wait until the autumn.

As a self publisher I now have to register it with Nielsen and send five copies to the various libraries. Once again I have not done an ebook and will probably make these my last paperbacks and concentrate on online books from now on as this is an expensive hobby.

I tried to do some gardening this morning and found myself pulling up bindweed. Of course, that’s where I got the inspiration for Penny3! I know the big white flowers are beautiful but I don’t want a garden full of bindweed and ivy. ( and a pink flower that has self seeded – verbena?) Half an hour a day is enough for me.

Best Wishes to all.


I have just discovered the children’s book wholesaler Toppsta who have Penny Down the Drain and Penny and the Poorly Parrot listed, but with no reviews.

I donated a copy of each title to the local library this morning. They would only take one of each although it would be nice to have copies in all the West Sussex libraries.

Worthing library looks very light and clean but so few people inside!

Windows 10 updated and now tells me the weather – pity it gets it wrong!Don’t they know this is Sunny Worthing?

Operation over

I feel a bit more like myself today as I was very shaky after my dental operation yesterday. It took two hours and I came home and fell asleep (after two painkillers)

I mustn’t chew and I have to rinse with salt water but I have lost that dreaded feeling of doom which was stopping me from being creative.

“Penny and the Creeping Weed” is nearly ready for printing. That will be the third book in the fantasy trilogy which I have thoroughly enjoyed writing. I’m not sure what to try next as life still seems to be on hold.

I’ll post a cover image when I am sure it is in production.

Sea Lord. Book review

I don’t usually review books on this blog. I use goodreads, but I enjoyed this story so much I thought I’d tell you about it.

Bernard Cornwell is known for his “Sharpe” novels but this is different. Sea Lord is a book based on a love of sailing and the pull of destiny. It is fast paced and exciting, something that has been lacking in all the other books I have read in Lockdown

It was written in 1989 so has been around for a while. If you like a mix of crime and romance this is the book for you. The death of a relative brings an adventurer home to try to find a missing painting, but he is not the only person on the quest. Family problems complicate and violence ensues. Wonderful stuff!

Book launch lessons

Well, that was a different experience! Usually my book launches end up with approximately ten books sold and a lot of friends seen but this time was different. As none of the social occasions I usually attend, Friendship Centre, Gym, Jazz and Folk events have been operating, I have not been able to invite people in person.

Stupidly, I thought the best place for launching a children’s book was where there were children. WRONG! ( especially when they were playing) I should keep the books until I meet up with their grandparents.

It was a little noisy at the Lido but the all day breakfast I had when we closed the stall made it all worth it. I had sold five books, four of them to people who knew me who had been alerted by text. I don’t think posters and flyers work any more. Everything has to be advertised on line. If you haven’t got a mobile phone and are not on facebook you don’t exist!

I’ll put them all away until book3 is out and then sell them as a trilogy, nearer Christmas. We live and learn.


Today began with me going into town to deliver posters advertising the book launch of “Penny and the Poorly Parrot.” The owner of the cafe was very helpful and welcoming.

Then, this afternoon, the rescue kennels rang to ask more questions about our circumstances to see if we could take on a timid dog. We answered as well as we could but they had other interested parties. It will be sad if we cannot let it off the lead, but if there are a lot of interested people we probably don’t stand much of a chance. We would hope time would allow it to get more confident. It seems the only dogs they have in at the moment have been mistreated.

I am having trouble with my phone. When people ring me they can hear me but I cannot hear them. I have tried with and without the speaker button but it doesn’t work every time. A oneway phone is rather useless!

I hope you are all having a more productive time. Roll on July!