Getting Out There

Exciting times! The new play has gone to a beta reader and I have finished a short story for a competition.

Sea Scribes are planning a newsletter with interviews, book reviews and puzzles. With the wealth of talent in the group this might be a fascinating venture. We have already published two anthologies which sold well locally and hope to do more as well as promoting our fiction and nonfiction books.img_0322


Social media

The Sea Scribes group met yesterday and had another discussion about the use of social media. I came away feeling hopeful until I realised I never subscribe to anything on social media that looks as if someone is trying to sell me something. There must be hundreds of folk who feel the same and, honestly, we were trying to sell something, our books!

If we don’t have something to give that people want there will be no point trying a newsletter ¬†or an email list and, personally, I have yet to find someone on line who says ‘ I have read one of your books, can I buy another?’ Sure, people I meet always ask when the next one is coming out but that’s person to person, not social media.

So it comes down to what do we have to offer – advice about how we published, stories about the characters in our books, free chapters, reviews of books we have enjoyed? Is it a mistake to promote ourselves as a group or will it help us to find more readers? Is there anyone reading this blog who has read one of our books? I wonder.




This is a test of my sensitivity towards new writers and I may be failing.

What do you do when you see that a book has been given a load of five star reviews, including one by the author?

What do you do when a book has been edited by a professional editor but has glaring changes of tense and viewpoint?

What do you do when it is a first, self published, book and you can feel the writer has invested a lot of themselves into it?

I think, maybe, I’ll keep quiet now I’ve had a little rant. Maybe I’m just being pedantic.

Maybe I’ll just do nothing.



Hi to all new viewers as we end 2016 and thanks for following. The Sea Scribes had their last meeting for this year today and we are determined to be a bigger presence on social media next year.

My new website has meant more people have found me and I have had fun on twitter, although I still have a lot to learn about that.

Sorry to those who missed out on the free books on Goodreads. I am selling on amazon but there are still second hand copies available, too.I don’t send ebooks myself. I can’t afford to let any more go as this is possibly my last book. The way I do it every book is sold at a loss and I don’t manage the computer very well.

I promise to let you know how the play is coming on but today I decided to scrap what I had written and start all over again. January will be a new venture in more than one way.

The boiler is fixed, Ben has his chair and we are warm and content again.

Season’s Greetings.



Back catalogue

Exploring the new wordpress and hoping to promote my previous books at the same time. This is me a few years ago when I launched the first ‘Never’ book about a married woman who ran away to Worthing and found herself in a mysterious house. It isn’t as dark as most of the other running away books written at the time. My writing is known as easy and gentle reading, but it moves along. Hope you like it.


Counting sales

Nearly the end of 2016 and I was wondering about ‘success’ again. How many self published copies constitute success? My first book sold over 200 copies but none of the others have matched that, although I have increased my use of social media. Now I am selling one a week and have 50 copies left of ‘A Lesson for the Teacher’ I guess they will all be gone in a year. The advice is to promote back copies and as I don’t use ‘Print on Demand’ that seems a great idea. There aren’t many of the others left in the loft and, honestly, I shall be sorry to see them go but each book usually finds more than one reader so it is time to let them fly!

I have been trying to take photos with my phone so the next blog may be more Christmassy. Best Wishes to all, Julie.

Book review. The Mist in the Mirror.

This will contain spoilers. I have just read The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill who has a reputation for great ghost stories and this one kept me entranced for a while.

However, even if the author wants to leave the reader with a mystery there is no justification for the ending that leaves so many questions unanswered that it spoils the whole reading experience. I could have lived with the doubts about the identity of the crying boy. Each of us could have their own idea of that – but to have someone inherit a house and then never discover what happens to it is more than I could imagine. Also, what is the significance of the mirror? Is it just a door to the spirit world? Who is the old crone and what part did she play in the cruelty of Conrad Vane? Why are women safe but not men?

It was as if, once the creepy part was over , the author wanted to reach the end as swiftly as possible.There was so much that could have added to the story. It was a gripping read but ultimately disappointing.