Book clubs and reviews.

Having just read a post from someone in the USA I began to wonder if it would be possible to have an online book club. I suppose it would depend on whether we could all get the same book and maybe there ae some out there already. I can see there are a few reviews on wordpress.

Anyway, I am ready to share the reviews I write on Goodreads with readers here, if I find books worth telling everyone about.

I have just read David Mitchell’s book “Utopia Avenue” and enjoyed the fictional journey into the sixties, even if I wasn’t knowledgable about the musical details.

I don’t usually buy books and I haven’t got a kindle but am willing to share my opinions with anyone interested. If I can get books second hand or from the library, all the better.


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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing where I live with my husband. After eight locally based relationship novels I have now written a children's story which could be considered a pastiche of Beverley Nichol's works which I loved as a child and still remember fondly. " Penny Down the Drain" may remind folk of " Alice in Wonderland " or " Narnia." but it is set in the 21st century. Our two sons are similarly creative as one is a journalist and the other an actor. When there is no pandemic I am the publicity secretary for Worthing Friendship Centre and listen to live music , folk and jazz.

4 thoughts on “Book clubs and reviews.”

  1. I follow your blog and I believe you follow mine, too. I am an avid book reader and always have been, but my selections are erratic and based on what already is stuffing my shelves or on books I’ve read before that had meaning for me.

    I take notes or underline or write in margins–something difficult to do except with pen and paper and hard copy editions I own.

    My blog contains several book synopses, reviews, and/or references, but there is no particular order to them. Sometimes it takes me years to read a book. I just picked up Jung Chang’s “Mao: The Untold Story”, which I bought and started several years ago. I’ve read other books by Chang and like the fact that she grew up in China and lived there when Mao was at the peak of power. She experienced first-hand his extreme measures, but even she cannot capture the whole story of his influence, since it continues today.

    I guess I’m saying books, like people, are products of their times, cultures, and are especially valuable for providing insight into the context in which they were written and the context in which they are read.


  2. I seem to remember seeing a book club here on WordPress that was run by a blogger, but I can’t for the life of me remember who or the blog name! Sorry about that, it would be nice for you to join an established group, rather than attempting to set up your own.


  3. PS. I suppose it might be easier for a group to get the same book by downloading a kindle or other online version rather than purchasing a hard copy, cheaper too!


  4. Since COVID started, plus changes in our transit, it is no longer convenient for me to get to a library. We have a couple of street libraries right in my neighbourhood where I get all the books I read these days. It works well for me. Good luck to you with your reading. Muriel


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