‘Selection’ poem continued.

” For looks are not everything, darling one

And nor is the distance they have come.

They may be rich, but are they kind?

That is the thing you need to find.”

“To choose the one you mean to stay

At your side both night and day

Each has been asked to try to woo

With a single gift – now, it’s up to you.”

The princess had portraits of many men

And whittled them down to only ten.

Now to see what they had brought

And to remember what she’d been taught.

The first brought with him a trunk of gold

But the princess thought him far too old.

The second ofered her chocolates sweet

But she didn’t want anything to eat.

The third talked much about his land

In a language she did not understand.

The fourth came in with a sneeze and a cough

She began to feel she’d had enough.


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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing where I live with my husband. After eight locally based relationship novels I have now written a children's story which could be considered a pastiche of Beverley Nichol's works which I loved as a child and still remember fondly. " Penny Down the Drain" may remind folk of " Alice in Wonderland " or " Narnia." but it is set in the 21st century. Our two sons are similarly creative as one is a journalist and the other an actor. When there is no pandemic I am the publicity secretary for Worthing Friendship Centre and listen to live music , folk and jazz.

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