Penny and the Creeping Weed

The third Penny book is in production and I couldn’t wait for publication day to show you the cover. I’ll put it on Twitter when the books are in my hand. I love the way the colours all seem to match on the three books and I am glad I could use the same artist for all the backgrounds.

They really need to be promoted as a trilogy but that will have to wait until the autumn.

As a self publisher I now have to register it with Nielsen and send five copies to the various libraries. Once again I have not done an ebook and will probably make these my last paperbacks and concentrate on online books from now on as this is an expensive hobby.

I tried to do some gardening this morning and found myself pulling up bindweed. Of course, that’s where I got the inspiration for Penny3! I know the big white flowers are beautiful but I don’t want a garden full of bindweed and ivy. ( and a pink flower that has self seeded – verbena?) Half an hour a day is enough for me.

Best Wishes to all.


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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing. After eight locally based relationship novels I have now written a children's story which could be considered a pastiche of Beverley Nichol's works which I loved as a child and still remember fondly. " Penny Down the Drain" may remind folk of " Alice in Wonderland " or " Narnia." but it is set in the 21st century. Our two sons are similarly creative as one is a journalist and the other an actor. When there is no pandemic I am the publicity secretary for Worthing Friendship Centre and listen to live music , folk and jazz.

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