New Speculative Fiction

All competition entries posted and I’m now back on short stories. I enjoyed reading ‘The Ship’ so much that it gave me an idea for a tale about Britain in the future.

There’s so much change in the air at the moment that it is difficult to see where the world will be in a few years’ time. So many people are frightened they have no power over what happens in the future. Democracy does not seem to provide what they want but what is the alternative? We can no longer live as separate tribes. Technology has made us all citizens of the world and we cannot avoid what is going on in other countries. If everyone wanted peace it would be easy but there are forces of destruction who do not care whether they live or die and they can only be defeated by reason and hope. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of either to go round.


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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing where I live with my husband. I record for the Sussex Coast Talking News (Voice of Progress) and am the publicity secretary for the Worthing Friendship Centre. I also give talks on my life and works to local groups.

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