Book review. The Mist in the Mirror.

This will contain spoilers. I have just read The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill who has a reputation for great ghost stories and this one kept me entranced for a while.

However, even if the author wants to leave the reader with a mystery there is no justification for the ending that leaves so many questions unanswered that it spoils the whole reading experience. I could have lived with the doubts about the identity of the crying boy. Each of us could have their own idea of that – but to have someone inherit a house and then never discover what happens to it is more than I could imagine. Also, what is the significance of the mirror? Is it just a door to the spirit world? Who is the old crone and what part did she play in the cruelty of Conrad Vane? Why are women safe but not men?

It was as if, once the creepy part was over , the author wanted to reach the end as swiftly as possible.There was so much that could have added to the story. It was a gripping read but ultimately disappointing.



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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing where I live with my husband. I record for the Sussex Coast Talking News (Voice of Progress) and am the publicity secretary for the Worthing Friendship Centre. I also give talks on my life and works to local groups.

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