One thing both of us have started to do is join a singing group. Don’t laugh. Neither of us have ever pretended to be musical but this is at the surgery and is supposed to be a different way of keeping healthy. As walking and other exercise seems to be getting harder and harder we thought we’d give it a try.

To our delight the songs are mostly folk songs and music show favourites so we know the tunes. It’s a good job because we don’t read music or have an ear for a pitch. There are nearly as many men as women so it sounds quite balanced.

I had a try at a poem for a competition but it isn’t good enough. It was supposed to be a Christmas poem for children. Here it is:

“Follow, follow, follow me.” The piper’s flute was shrill.

The children walked into the cave as if they had no will.

“Your parents pay me what they owe, I’ll set you free,” he said.

“But until then you’ll stay with me, this rocky floor your bed.”

“Please, piper, do not harm us,” called a little brown haired boy.

“Is there nothing we can do to bring our families joy?”

“Why, yes,” the piper smiled and winked,” Look further in the cave

You’ll find some Christmas presents there that Santa’s helpers gave.”

“I’ll make a promise to you now if you will help me choose

The gifts that fit the children who I pick – you cannot lose.”

He turned his head and pointed to a girl whose face was glum,

Her blue-grey eyes were full of tears. She cried, “I want my Mum.”

” That girl has been quite ill,” he said – but all you do is tease.”

” Let’s give her a new Teddy Bear. That one is sure to please.”

“That tall, thin boy is lonely, too. He can’t see very well.

That’s why he wears those spectacles. What present would you tell

Would make him happy, you decide? ” “A game I think will do

With robot men and racing cars and lots of music , too.”

“You get the idea,” piper said,” And that small, red-nosed lad

What could you give him that, for sure, would stop him feeling sad?”

“A friend” the boy said, seriously. “I’m sorry we were cruel.

Each one of us is different – Can we go back to school?”

“I never thought I’d hear you ask, but now you can return.

To care for others is a gift. You’ve not a lot to learn.

Of course I’ll take the children home-for that’s where they should be

And all should keep their promises. We’re one big family.

For Christmas love can last all year and for the times to come

And all the joy that we can give can spread to everyone.”











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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing where I live with my husband. I record for the Sussex Coast Talking News (Voice of Progress) and am the publicity secretary for the Worthing Friendship Centre. I also give talks on my life and works to local groups.

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